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Throughout our glorious history, ethics and integrity have always been at the forefront of our company. Our principles and values are guided by our nations emerging spirit, Oman Vision 2040 and the determination to be at the forefront of our industry under the guidance and leadership of HM Sultan Haitham Bin Tariq Al Said.

We strictly abide by the following fundamentals:

Ethical & Reputable business practices.

Acquiescence with national and international regulations.

We provide a safe and hygienic working environment keeping in mind the knowledge of the industry and any explicit perils.

HSE of our employees.

Unethical payments of any kind are not allowed in our environment. No gift of material value which may be interpreted as a form of encouragement is to be accepted or offered by our employees or suppliers.

Reporting of business performance is undertaken hence management is accurately abreast concerning the performance, risks and opportunities.

Ethical issues must be dealt with in an efficient and transparent manner.

We strive to make a positive impact to society too, and seek to leverage our partners, associates and suppliers to operate akin standards as we do.

We provide all our clients with security of supplying products to their specified needs and insure a trusting relationship and environment within our business.



We hold ourselves to a high standard, on and off the ocean. Beginning with our highly experienced staff, who work in fusion with suppliers, regulatory agencies, and clients, to ensure quality and safety regulations are always sustained.


Local sourcing means a fresher catch, ensuring you receive the freshest produce. Where we have to source globally we do so directly with the fisherman or farm as we possibly can.


Our experts take pride in their skill, which they pass on through their training of each and every new member of the Blue Bay family. Our people are assiduously trained to the highest standards across all our businesses.


We only source produce across the country if it cannot be sourced locally, reducing miles and our carbon footprint.


We cover all areas of the Sultanate and the region. All our staff are reliable, efficient and client-friendly. Our sales team are highly knowledgeable and will assist you with all your requirements.

Our experts will be glad to assist you for any queries you may have.

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