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A Tradition of Trust

Mohammed Azzan Al Maamari

As a closely knit Omani firm our prime goal is to grow, succeed and become pre-eminent along with our nation in every segment of our businesses, whilst adhering to our traditional values of integrity, respect and a commitment to excellence.

We bring our historic values of fairness, honesty and trust to bear on professional and innovative ways of working and developing our business and associated relationships. 


Sound financials, meticulous planning, an ever-increasing talented human resource pool, and the ability to execute opportunities that fit with our strategies and principles has resulted in the company assuming leadership positions in several of our business lines, since 2013.

We will continue to build unrivaled partnerships and value with and for our clients, through the expertise, ingenuity, and commitment of our people as well as through the products & services we offer. With our expansion plans across different product categories and new territories, BLUE BAY is well-positioned for healthy, diversified growth in the coming years. Do let us know how we be of assistance and let us explore the possibilities to GROW together. You can contact me directly from below.

Mohammed Azzan Al Maa'mari


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