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Fish and Herbs Knolling


All BLUE BAY products not only taste great but are also a great source vitamins, minerals, Omega-3 fats and high in protein.

Fish on a Plate

Vitamins & Minerals

Fish & Seafood is a great source of vitamins and minerals which hold very crucial functions within the human body. Oily fish is a rich source of vitamins A & D, which are vital in the growth and development of children. White fish is a good source of B vitamins, and all seafood is an excellent source of minerals including potassium, selenium, zinc and iodine.

Rich in Protein

It is well established fact that Fish & Seafood is an excellent source of protein, and also contains small amounts of 'good' fats. Protein-rich fish can help to nourish your muscles, as well as keep off common colds and flu. Foods with high protein content tend to be quite low in calories.

Seafood Shrims and Clams
Fish in Envelope


Although being high in minerals, fish & seafood is very low in salt and sodium. Most of us consume a lot of sodium, which has been the reason to high blood pressure, strokes and heart disease. Replacing a meal that is high in sodium for a fish or seafood dish can help you to lower your salt intake and boost your immunity and general health.

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